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Quit whining and send a thank you note after an interview


Over on reddit, the old chestnut of a question “Do I really have to send a thank you note after an interview?” has come up again.  It’s always sad to see the excuses that people try to come up with to forgive themselves for skipping this basic step in the job hunting process.

The cost of that thank you note is ten minutes of your time and a 44-cent stamp.  The payoff could well be landing the job.  It cannot hurt you in your job search, and can only be a positive in the mind of the interviewer.  You also take the opportunity to reiterate your good points and show the interviewer that you were paying attention during the interview, and you show that you actually are interested in the job, which is sometimes hard to tell.

It’s ten minutes and 44 cents to give you an edge over other candidates, to help you land the job you want, so that you can be gainfully employed and get out of the job hunt.  The cost/benefit ratio is huge.

Quit whining and do it.


  1. Hell yes. It’s always amazing to me how much people complain about this and come up with reasons for not doing it. These are often the same people who write to me looking for a “creative gimmick” to help make their application stand out, and then they’re not willing to spend a couple of minutes doing something that might actually tip the scales in their favor. It baffles me.

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  3. In the past, I’ve sent thank you notes via postal service. Is this (still) preferable to a thank you email? (Not whining, just asking.)

  4. Simon: Sending it on paper says “I’ve taken the time to send this on paper.” But you can do both if you want.

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