Shellac discography

Conveniently enough for discographical weenies, Shellac have numbered many of their releases. This makes it much easier to wonder "What was record #6?" so you can feel like a turd because you don't have it.

"The Rude Gesture, A Pictoral History"

EP (Touch & Go Records) TG127
(Shellac Record #1)

The two scans at right are of copies that I have. Most of them have just a swipe of brown across them, although some others did have things written on them. The one that says "Cock" was contributed by Mike Simpson <>.


EP (Touch & Go Records) TG128
(Shellac Record #2)

Note that these two records are packaged in identical Shellac sleeves. Each one is hand-stamped with the name of the record. For the first, the "Shellac" letters are swiped with shellac, or in the case of one of mine, written over with "DONG".

Update: I'm told that the "shellac" is actually root beer syrup.


"The Bird is the Most Popular Finger"

EP Drag City Records DC34
(Shellac Record #3)

Shellac At Action Park

Action Park has its own page.

Shellac Live In Tokyo

CD (Nux Organization) NUX-D10
(Shellac Record #5?)


"Billiardspielerlied" / "Mantel" 7-inch single

(Shellac Record #6)

See the details page

"'95 Jailbreak"

Track on Skin Graft AC/DC tribute
(Shellac Record #7)

"The Rambler Song"

Split 7" with Mule
(Shellac Record #8)

The Futurist
(Shellac Record #9)

a/k/a the "Friends Of Shellac" record

An album of instrumental music for a dance troupe, given out to 779 of Shellac's closest friends. See The Futurist page for details.

Shellac Record #10

Terraform has its own page.

1000 Hurts
Shellac Record #11

1000 Hurts has its own page.

Split 7" with Caesar
Shellac Record #12

Agostino has its own page.


Ground Rule Double

Divot / Actionboy 300 Records compilation

Shellac contribute "The Copper Song".

Lounge Ax Defense & Relocation Compact Disc

Touch & Go Records, TG130

Shellac contribute "Killers".


1994 Peel Sessions

7" boot A side:

B side:

Record reads: Not for sale, promo only, made in USA