Buzzword Bingo

Buzzword Bingo is designed to make those dull meetings just a little more interesting. Play it like regular Bingo, but instead of having numbers called, listen for someone to use one of the buzzwords on your card. Get five in a row in any direction, and you win! Of course, each person should have their own unique card. Just reload and print this page once for each person on the meeting. There are 116 phrases in the Buzzword Bingo database.

time-criticallow-hanging fruitpush the envelopeenhanceprocess assessment
real-worldchange agenttop-downefficient/ efficiencydialogue (as a verb)
solutionheads-upFREEend of the daysmoke & mirrors
enterprisemonetizeanalysis paralysiscontingency planproactive, not reactive
self-managed teamnext levelcircle backbottom-upraise the bar