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My book “Land the Tech Job You Love”

Land the Tech Job You Love If you like what you read in my blog, take a look at my book, Land the Tech Job You Love, published by Pragmatic Bookshelf.

Buy directly from Pragmatic Bookshelf to get the electronic version, in your choice of ePub, PDF or .mobi format.  All Pragmatic titles are DRM-free.

If you prefer paper, you can buy directly from Pragmatic Bookshelf, or from online sources such as Amazon.  Bookstores such as Barnes & Noble may also carry it in your area.

Coding Tony: “The book gives very good tips on how to write a good résumé, and how to avoid clichés…I recommend the book, even if you aren’t looking for a job… for now..” See the full review


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  8. Hi Andy – We met at Code Conf 2011 in San Francisco, at lunch.
    Just wanted to let you know, I followed most of your advice, and I’m now a contract UI developer at Apple. I definitely landed the tech job I love.

    Thanks very much, Ken

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